Structure of International Games

Although all international Games share common ideals, their organization, structure and funding may differ greatly from one community to another and from one country to another. Some of the Games have, from their inception, been the responsibility of the local Recreation and/or Education Department, resulting in the Games being organized by persons who are full-time paid city staff(with some assistance from volunteer personnel). Other Games are entirely organized by volunteers.

Structure of Canusa Games

In Flint, the CANUSA Games directors originally were comprised of Community School Directors whose responsibility included the annual organization of these Games. Staff were full-time and expenses were absorbed by the Board of Education with additional financial assistance contributed by the Mott Foundation. In recent years the structure of Flint ‘s education system has changed, and the Games are now co-ordinated by volunteers.

In Hamilton, the Games have always been a volunteer operation with headquarters at a City of Hamilton location. Since 1994, a paid administrator manages the day-to-day business related to the Games. The Recreation Division provides administrative support and sports facilities for tryouts/ practices.