Award Winners


This trophy is awarded annually to the most valuable baseball player from the host city who best displays athletic ability and the CANUSA philosophy. This trophy is presented by the Hamilton Police Amateur Athletic Association, in memory of Bernie Arbour, a long standing CANUSA Baseball Chairman.

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1968 Dave Rose, Flint

1969 Dennis Jarvi, Flint

1970 Jim Murdock, Flint

1971 Dan Finan, Hamilton

1972 Greg Cooke, Flint

1973 Len Parish, Hamilton

1974 Rick Ward, Flint

1975 Lucian Marcogliese, Hamilton

1976 Chris Coulter, Flint

1977 Dave Thompson, Hamilton

1978 Ron Gobie, Flint

1979 Mike Dokman, Hamilton

1980 Ron Gobie, Flint

1981 Corey Moore, Hamilton

1982 Scott McNiel, Flint

1983 David Cheeseman, Hamilton

1984 Jeff Stone, Flint

1985 Jason Corby, Hamilton

1986 Brad Brown, Flint

1987 Andy McNabb, Hamilton

1988 Rob Ragnone, Flint

1989 Steve Wilson, Hamilton

1990 Tom Derwin, Flint

1991 Trevor Larson, Hamilton

1992 Kevin Kernen, Flint

1993 Ryan Shaver, Hamilton

1994 Brian Gillies, Flint

1995 Michael Gower, Hamilton

1996 Ken Radford, Flint

1997 Ian Kolesnikoff, Hamilton

1998 Curtis McMahon, Flint

1999 Jeremy Patry, Hamilton

2000 Ryan Webber, Flint

2001 Neil McAlpine, Hamilton

2002 Brandon Carpenter, Flint

2003 Josh Hayes, Hamilton

2004 Scott Roy, Flint

2005 Mike Gottschalk, Hamilton

2006 Joshua Tabor, Flint

2007 Luis Paredes, Hamilton

2008 Mitch Margitan, Flint

2009 Aaron DiNatale, Hamilton

2010 A.J. Shemes

2011 Mynor Hernandez, Hamilton

2012 Mack Dundas (Cli0), Flint

2013 Joel Szota, (Hamilt0n)


This trophy is awarded annually in the memory of Harold Webster. It is presented to the most valuable player, from the host city, who best displays both the CANUSA philosophy and ability in Track and Field. The trophy honours a former Hamilton resident who twice represented Canada in the International Olympic Games.

1960 Leslie Shonk, Hamilton

1961 William Whitaker, Flint

1962 Marta Harrison, Hamilton

1963 Dan Arnold, Flint

1964 Ray Tucker, Hamilton

1965 William Wallace, Flint

1966 Leslie Shonk, Hamilton

1967 Leslie Shonk, Hamilton

1968 Cathy Gardener, Flint

1969 Charles Thomas, Flint

1970 Sue Binion, Hamilton

1971 Jason Childress, Flint

1972 Paul Morrison, Hamilton

1973 Paul Morrison, Hamilton

1974 Martin Crane, Flint

1975 Renee Turner, Flint

1976 Michael Miller, Flint

1977 Grace Verbeek, Hamilton

1978 Marion Mumford, Flint

1979 Maureen Morison, Hamilton

1980 Edyth Childress, Flint

1981 Paul Kelly, Hamilton

1982 Al Smiley, Flint

1984 Carlos Benton, Flint

1985 Greg Andersen, Hamilton

1986 Randy Williams, Flint

1986 Twynette Wilson, Flint

1987 Mark Guthrie, Hamilton

1988 Kieto Hurd, Flint

1988 Twan Donan, Flint

1989 Karen Boril, Hamilton

1989 Andrea Pinnock, Hamilton

1990 Gary Kinnee, Flint

1991 Erica Witter, Hamilton

1992 Domicka Fordham, Flint

1993 Julian Springer, Hamilton

1993 Amy Donaghay, Hamilton

1994 Krystal Yule, Flint

1995 Steven Scime, Hamilton

1996 Chris Ryan, Flint

1997 Amy Let-Kemann, Hamilton

1998 Deanne Reamer, Flint

1999 Michael Davidson, Hamilton

2000 Morgan Acre, Flint

2001 Commacho Francis, Hamilton

2002 Chris Bolden, Flint

2003 Kyle Stewart, Hamilton

2004 Aaron Carradine, Flint

2005 Mike DiCesare, Hamilton

2006 Oscar Parker, Flint

2007 Kelsey Baird, Hamilton

2008 Tiara Willingham, Flint

2009 Jake Verrips, Hamilton

2010 Michaela Lewis, Flint

2011 Tyler Fournier, Hamilton

2012 Caspian Peavyhouse, Flint

2013 Chloe Hewitt, Hamilton


The Jimmy Thompson Memorial Trophy is awarded in honour of “Mr. Swimming”, Jimmy Thompson of Hamilton, whose life was devoted to the sport. He was the coach of Hamilton’s best swimmers. This trophy is presented annually to the most valuable swimmer from the host city who best displays both the CANUSA philosophy and ability in the sport of Swimming.

1966 Pat Thompson, Hamilton

1966 Joann Thompson, Hamilton

1966 Robert Thompson, Hamilton

1967 Angela Coughlin, Hamilton

1968 Paul Siege, Flint

1969 Susan Rider, Hamilton

1970 Dave Kulchar, Flint

1971 Debbie Kurchik, Hamilton

1972 Debbie Sojnocki, Hamilton

1973 George Steplock, Hamilton

1974 Katie Leoni, Flint

1975 Michael Ron, Hamilton

1976 Jeff Cooper, Flint

1977 Steve Thompson, Hamilton

1978 Nancy Dryden, Flint

1979 Darrell Barland, Hamilton

1980 Muffy Mackenzie, Flint

1981 Roland Ostermeier, Hamilton

1982 Susan Rabiah, Flint

1984 Scott Seeley, Flint

1986 Greg Horie, Hamilton

1986 Marty Spees, Flint

1987 Quinn Fairley, Hamilton

1988 Charlie Yorks, Flint

1989 Joanne Malar, Hamilton

1990 Laura Klimes, Flint

1991 Tanya Hunks, Hamilton

1992 Steve Overmeyer, Flint

1993 Kimberley Kerr, Hamilton

1994 Mike Roberts, Flint

1995 Brandon Robinson, Hamilton

1996 Jeff Yorks, Flint

1997 Corey Bardossi, Hamilton

1998 Lindsey Glish, Flint

1999 Clare Dermody, Hamilton

2000 Danielle Bowling, Flint

2001 Jason Pichelli, Hamilton

2002 Brian Posten, Flint

2003 Casey Leslie, Hamilton

2004 Alyssa Moriartey, Flint

2005 Kate Vanderbeek, Hamilton

2006 Zach Church, Flint

2007 Frank Despond, Hamilton

2008 Gina Sancricca, Flint

2009 Isabella Monaghan, Hamilton

2010 Kevin Posten, Flint

2011 Olivia Strevett, Hamilton

2012 Alison Darby, Flint

2013 Sarah Hodge, Hailton



This Paul J. Rogers Memorial Trophy is awarded annually in honour of Paul J. Rogers, a member of the Hamilton CANUSA Executive and past President. This trophy is donated by his long-time friends, Jim and Bonnie Pugsley to the Golf competitor from the host city who best exemplifies athletic ability and the philosophy of the CANUSA Games.

1994 Andy Kidd, Hamilton

1995 Mike St. Pierre, Hamilton

1996 Pete Murphy, Flint

1997 Greg Lewis, Hamilton

1998 Chaz Meed, Flint

1999 Andrew Ross, Hamilton

2000 Craig Kelley, Flint

2001 Jonathan Bobiash, Hamilton

2002 Becky Huffman, Flint

2003 Mckenzie Hughes, Hamilton

2004 Paul Bermudez, Flint (tie)

Jermaine Jones, Flint (tie)

2005 Michael Leeson, Hamilton

2006 Andrew Jared, Flint

2007 Peter Ciccarelli, Hamilton

2008 Charlie Oliver, Flint

2009 Nick Bruccoleri, Hamilton

2010 Alex Finsterwald, Flint

2011 Tyler Gruza, Hamilton

2013 Liam Jauhal, Hamilton


The W. Clarence Willson Memorial Trophy is awarded annually to the outstanding competitor in Girls Basketball from the host city, in memory of Clarence Willson, a founder and longstanding member of the Hamilton Executive Committee.

1996 Kathy Cooper, Hamilton

1997 Marie Warner, Flint

1998 Takeya Fortner, Flint

1999 Blaize Spironello, Hamilton

2000 Shalana Taylor, Flint

2001 Shannon Morton, Hamilton

2002 Shay Hall, Flint

2003 Justine Ajandi, Hamilton

2004 Brianna Hendrix, Flint

2005 Alison Drury, Hamilton

2006 Shanice Turner, Flint

2007 Kristina O’Grady-Coach, Hamilton

2008 Tiffina Bennett, Flint

2009 Mariah Dorion, Hamilton

2010 Arleshia Morse

2011 Porscha Hewitt, Hamilton

2012 Krystal Rice, Flint

2013 Tyra Dorey- Williams & Tashae Williams, Hamilton


The Bill Sturrup Memorial Trophies are awarded annually to the female and male golfers with the lowest accumulated gross score. The trophies were donated by John Stone, former Hamilton Golf Coordinator, in honour of Bill who was the voice of CANUSA for four decades, as well as past president, and long time member of the Hamilton CANUSA Executive.

2007 Sasha & Rachael Wright (Girls), Hamilton

2008 Laurin Davis (Girls), Flint

2008 Andrew Jared (Boys), Flint

2009 Madison Easterbrook (Girls), Hamilton

2009 Ben Kenel & Nic Ross (Boys), Hamilton

2010 Kody Kenny (Boys) & Samantha Moss (Girls)

2011 John Walraven (Boys) & Alicia Flood (Girls)

2013 Alex Finsterwauld, Hamilton


The Ivan Miller Award is presented annually to the volunteer who best demonstrates dedicated service to CANUSA and who also exemplifies the philosophy and ideals of the CANUSA Games.

1968: Wilf Thomas (Director)

1969: Clarence Willson (Director)

1970: Unknown

1971: Marg Brokenshire (Director)

1972: Sandy Anderson (Girls Volleyball)

1973: Ross McDonald (Director)

1974: Unknown

1975: John Wade (Director)

1976: Unknown

1977: Unknown

1978: Barb Brandt (Girls Basketball)

1979: Joan Upson (Director)

1980: Bill Johnstone (Soccer)

1981: Brian Bond (Swimming)

1982: Phil Saresky (Director)

1983: Elizabeth Reed (Blind Bowling)

1984: Janet Cochrane (Girls Basketball)

1985: Charlie Lyon (Lawn Bowling)

1986: Larry Snaidero (Boys Basketball)

1987: Jack Ellis (Gymnastics)

1988: Rhona Trott (Track & Field)

1989: Unknown

1990: Dorothy White (Trap)

1991: Gerry Coleman (Skeet)

1992: Bob Tatti (Boys Basketball)

1993: Mike Grover (Girls Softball)

1994: Army Rizzo (Karate)

1995: Kirsan Ashukia (Girls Volleyball)

1996: Erv Hildebrandt/ Garry McKay

1997: Kim McQueen/ Jude Purins (Gymnastics)

1998: Ray Jones (Boys Basketball)

1999: Ray Maxwell Sr. (Soccer)

2000: Kathy Cooper (Girls

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2001: Rich Gelder (Track & Field)

2002: Agostinho Campos (Table Tennis)

2003: Peter Giacomelli/ Betty Peter (Tennis)

2004: Clarke (Lawn Bowling)

2005: John Mah (Girls Softball)

2006: Rene Saresky (Bingo)

2007: Bill Mcllveen/Ray Maxwell Jr. (Boys Soccer)

2008: Michael Vukmir (Swimming)

2009: Glenn Ostrosser (Baseball)

2010: Sheila Drury (Girls Basketball)

2011: Marie Comeau (Darts)

2012: Mat Reid (Torch Run/Triathlon)



The Marg Brokenshire Award is presented every home year for Hamilton and goes to the person or persons who “goes that extra mile” and shows the true spirit of the CANUSA motto of “Experience the Friendship”.

1999 Miziolek Family

2001 Hemrica Family

2003 Drury Family

2005 Susan & Zeke Tutko

2007 Sarjeant Family


The Jim McGuire/Pete Colley Sr. Memorial Trophy will be presented for the first time in 2012. It will be awarded annually to an athlete from the home team who is the best shooter in the youth Darts competition and who best demonstrates the CANUSA philosophy. The trophy is in memory of Jim McGuire from Flint and Pete Colley Sr. from Hamilton who were longstanding Darts Coordinators and who exemplified the spirit of the CANUSA Games.

2012 Adrel Benbrook, Flint

2013 Zach Gates & Chris Brown, Hamilton