Track & Field

Canusa Games Weekend

Friday August 10th

Combined Team Scores
Flint 257, Hamilton 177

Boys Team Scores
Flint 138, Hamilton 71

Girls Team Scores
Flint 119, Hamilton 106

Saturday August 11th

Team Rankings – Through Event 126
Combined Team Scores
1 Flint FLINT 577, 2 Hamilton HAM 426
Total 1,003.00

Female Team Scores
1 Flint FLINT 333, 2 Hamilton HAM 272
Total 605.00

Male Team Scores
1 Flint FLINT 244, 2 Hamilton HAM 154
Total 398.00

Flint wins Track & Field (577-426)

For more information on  CANUSA Weekend please see our 2018 Parent Manual

*Please Note:

  • This is a Home year and ALL players will be required to billet a player from Flint
  • Hamilton host parents require a current police check (only 1 parent per house hold requires a police check)
  • For letter stating that you are a volunteer with the CANUSA Games, please see page 5 of our2018 Police Screening Package
  • If you are outside of Hamilton please take pages 5 and 6 of our  with you when conducting your police check *Please read over and fill in blanks*2018 Police Screening Package
  • If you are a returning parent or have had a police check done in the last 3 years, please attach the police check  and a declaration for filled out ( declaration can be found on the last page of our2018 Police Screening Package).


Any questions, please contact the Hamilton coordinator:

Kevin Gonci
(905) 317-9381

For Flint Track & Field information please contact:
Carlos Benton