CANUSA Weekend Schedule of Events 2019

PLEASE NOTE: Directions to Atwood Stadium

Friday, August 9th:

  • All athletes must be at Mohawk College (135 Fennell Avenue West, Hamilton Ontario L9C 1E9) by 7:30am to load buses
  • Athletes will NOT be allowed on the team bus without original documentation (passports are encouraged). A CANUSA representative will check all identification before the bus departs from Mohawk College.
  • Peanut products are NOT ALLOWED ON BUSES due to passenger allergies
  • Opening Ceremonies 1:00pm at Atwood Stadium (701 University Ave, Flint, MI)
  • Billet match-up will occur back at sport buses immediately following opening ceremonies.
  • Refer to Sports Schedule for venues and times. Curfew 11:00pm.

Saturday, August 10th:

  • Refer to Sports Schedule for venues and times. Curfew 11:00pm.

Sunday, August 11th:

  • Closing Ceremonies begin at 9:00 a.m. at Atwood Stadium. Hosts will transport their Hamilton billet(s) to the Closing Ceremonies, unless a participants in the Modified Billeting Program, and to buses for departure to Hamilton. Attendance at Closing Ceremonies is mandatory.
  • Hamilton parents: approximate arrival of buses at Mohawk College is 1:30pm.

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2019 Schedule of Events

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