Boys Ice Hockey

Canusa Games Weekend

Friday August 10th

10 & Under
Flint 9, Hamilton 3
Flint Scorers: Sal Viviano 3 goals 1 assist; Ayden Cook 1 goal 3 assits.
Hamilton Scorers; Karter Murphy 2 goals; Jayden Vanblancum 1 goal.

12 & Under
Hamilton 9, Flint 5
Hamilton Scorers: Mathew Campanella 2 goals 2 assists; Brogan Barton 2 goals 1 assist; Kegan Sheeham 3 assists
Flint Scorers: Darren Mayhew 3 goals; Mitchell Lenger 1 goal 1 assist

14 & under
Flint 3, Hamilton 1
Flint Scorers: Cooper Partridge 1 goal 1 assist; Johnathan Rippetoe 1 goal; Brandon Clements 1 goal
Hamilton Scorers: Alie Yatim 1 goal.


Saturday August 11th

10 and Under
Flint 5, Hamilton 4
Flint Scorers: Ayden Cook scored the game winner with 1:08 to go, and added 1 assist; Parker Bendall had two goals; and Gavin Vorwerk had 3 assists. Goalkeeper Joshua Eager made two crucial saves to preserve the vitory.
Hamilton Scorers: Jayden Vanblancum 3 goals; Ryder Cripps 1 goal, 1 assist.

12 and Under
Hamilton 6, Flint 2
Hamilton Scorers: Matt Campanella 2 goals, 1 assist; Nolan Methoy 1 goal, 3 assists; Rodney Huibens 1 goal, 1 assist.
Flint Scorers: Darren Mayhew and Landon Miller 1 goal each.

14 and Under
Hamilton 2, Flint 1
Hamilton Scorers: Auston Carmody, Garrett Rees had 1 goal each.
Fliint Scorer: Cooper Partridge

For more information on  CANUSA Weekend please see our 2018 Parent Manual

*Please Note:

  • This is a Home year and ALL players will be required to billet a player from Flint
  • Hamilton host parents require a current police check (only 1 parent per house hold requires a police check)
  • For letter stating that you are a volunteer with the CANUSA Games, please see page 5 of our2018 Police Screening Package
  • If you are outside of Hamilton please take pages 5 and 6 of our  with you when conducting your police check *Please read over and fill in blanks*2018 Police Screening Package
  • If you are a returning parent or have had a police check done in the last 3 years, please attach the police check  and a declaration for filled out ( declaration can be found on the last page of our2018 Police Screening Package).

For more information please contact Hamilton Coordinator:

Justin Ismael


For Flint Hockey information please contact:

Mark Coron
Gary Richards