2023 Sponsorship Opportunities Storm June 7, 2023

CANUSA Games, a renowned non-profit organization, has been empowering athletes and fostering international goodwill for decades. By choosing to sponsor the CANUSA Games, you will not only gain extensive exposure and brand recognition, but you will also directly contribute to the development of aspiring athletes and the success of this remarkable event.

With your sponsorship, you will help shape the dreams of talented athletes from Hamilton and beyond, providing them with the opportunity to showcase their skills on a grand stage. As a sponsor, your contributions will play a vital role in covering various expenses, such as venue rentals, equipment, transportation, and more!

Not only will your sponsorship impact the lives of these dedicated athletes, but it will also demonstrate your commitment to fostering local and international sportsmanship, unity, and community development. The positive ripple effects of your support will resonate far beyond the games, leaving a lasting legacy in the hearts of everyone involved.

    Our Sponsors

    46th Annual Golf Tournament

    Swing into action at the 46th Annual CANUSA Golf Tournament! Get ready for a day […]

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    CANUSA 2024 – IN FLINT!

    A letter from CANUSA President Louise Palciauskas on CANUSA 2024 in Flint Michigan.

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